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Why Rent

Why Rent

We at National Micro provide you with ups rental, printers on rent, computer on hire, touch screens on hire and what not! With the services just a call away, there are large number of benefits you get written below-
With computer, laptop rentals and wide range of products to meet virtually any need and projects of all sizes.
You save time with 1-stop solution.
Immediate availability so you get the equipment you need when you need it.
No maintenance / AMC hassles. Complete flexibility to choose from a wide variety of IT hardware.
Effort to save our mother earth by optimizing resource use – hiring instead of renting you the services.
Budget constraints
  The capital may not always be available for the IT equipment you need, and the purchasing procedures may be lengthy or difficult.
   Renting is easier, quicker and unlike capital expenditure, items can all be set off against tax.
Taxation benefits - Renting costs can be shown directly as expenses and reduced from profit for taxation; Rental equipment is off the balance sheet.
Cash flow efficiency - No need to invest upfront. Rental payments are comparatively smaller and spread as fractional payments over longer periods.
  This frees your money which could be used for investments in other areas.
Flexibility & Cost saving – Renting allows a flexible approach and allows you to plan your needs at a fraction of the cost you would spend otherwise.
Short term project requirements, to cover software development or to manage workload peaks.
 Seasonal fluctuations, including year-end audits, for use by temporary staff, or to avoid costly downtime during relocation or maintenance work.
Training needs – renting is the flexible option when dealing with fluctuating course numbers or different training venues.
Specific events, including presentations, exhibitions, fashion shows, road shows, trade shows etc.
You can choose to return rented equipments early, keep your equipment for longer, change it, add to it, at the end of rental term, you have the option to renew the contract, upgrade technology, return some or all of it.
Conserves valuable capital and improves cash flow.